Medlink Electronic Health Records ("EHR") is a concierge service that brings together your critical health information from multiple sources into one secure digital repository. You can better control your healthcare information and it is available when and where you need it. Everyone caring for you will be on the same page and your information will be available in the case of emergency: when every second counts.
Medlink EHR Concierge is the world's easiest to use personal electronic health record system.
Health Information Technology gives us the ability to access digital health information when and where needed.
However, health records are typically scattered across different providers and not in one secure accessible location. Moreover, there is no common electronic health record standard so different providers cannot exchange information.
Medlink EHR Concierge brings together your critical health information from multiple sources (even if your caregiver doesn't have an EHR system) so everyone caring for you is on the same page.
You don't need internet service or have access to a smart device or computer to take advantage of Medlink EHR Concierge.
Medlink EHR Concierge will set up, maintain and update your health information and records from all sources. Even if those sources have only paper records.
Medlink EHR Concierge can make available records that are not normally kept by your healthcare providers. (School records, birth certificate, frequent travelers can maintain a copy of a passport, id cards, and much more).
Medlink EHR is an Industry Exclusive Concierge Service.
Who can use Medlink Electronic Health Records
Anyone with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, neurological disorders, memory impairment or communication difficulty.
Persons who have complicated medical conditions, multiple allergies or medications.
Individuals whose medical information is subject to change from time to time.
Frequent travelers (especially overseas).
Anyone who might have difficulty explaining their medical condition whenever medical personnel or family members, who would normally speak for them, are not present or available.
Anyone caring for children.
Virtually anyone.
How you can use your Medlink Electronic Health Record
Knowledgably discuss your health with healthcare providers.
Patients can share their health history and information with a provider, a pharmacy, or a specialty physician. This serves to improve the patient provider relationship and can also streamline admission and discharge processes.
Have easy access to your health information while traveling.
Being safe and healthy while traveling should be a top priority for everyone. That’s why it is important to always bring your personal health information with you no matter where you are. Basic facts about your health could assist healthcare providers when they are treating you and can limit any avoidable mistakes.
Track Prescriptions
Your medications are meant to help you get well and maintain good health, but you should keep a close eye on what you're taking. If you or someone you're caring for takes multiple medications this tool is essential. With all of your medications in one place, it's easier than ever to share them with your health care providers to make sure that everyone's on the same page.
Access your information when your doctor’s office is closed.
If you have access to your personal health information at all times you are never inconvenienced especially in an emergency.
Manage Care for Loved Ones.
Keep track of your family health care issues and have the information available when you need it: at a new doctors office, school, or in an emergency. If you care for a loved one, having their medical history and medications available online can be a time-saver at the doctors office and at registration and will help your medical personnel provide the best care. Provide accurate information to new caregivers.
Prepare for an Emergency
Whether you travel, engage in an active lifestyle activity, have kids, are a caregiver or have a chronic illness, getting the right information to the right person at the right time can be vital. The unique Medlink EHR emergency access system allows emergency personnel or other provider to view your vital medical information when it is needed the most, even if you cannot communicate with the first responder.
View these brief videos from the office of the National Coordinator for the Exchange of Health Information. They provide insight on the benefits of electronic health records.
BLUE BUTTON EHR Public Service Announcements
Medlink Offers Three Levels of Concierge Service
RED (Record of Emergency Data)  is an immediately accessible record of limited emergency health information. Red is for  all almost anyone including; children, campers, scouts, sports participants, etc. In case of emergency, your critical information is immediately available to first responders: when a few seconds can make a difference.
BLUE are our most comprehensive electronic health record services. They can contain both data and copies of critical records. We collect the data on your behalf and maintain the records. Blue is ideal for virtually anyone. Especially, anyone with chronic medical conditions, Memory impairment or difficulty communicating. And, for those caring for others.
ACTIVE  is an immediately accessible record of emergency health information ideal for  people with active lifestyles, climbers, motorcyclists, club racers, etc. In case of emergency, your critical information is immediately available to first responders: when a few seconds can make a difference.
Take your Healthcare to the NEXT LEVEL Call Medlink Electronic Health Records.

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Medlink Concierge is Blue Button Compliant
Blue Button, the slogan, ‘Download My Data,’ the Blue Button Logo, and the Blue Button Combined Logo are registered service marks owned by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Participation by MEDLINK EHR does not imply endorsement by HHS or the U.S. Government.
About Blue Button
The Blue Button symbol signifies that a site has functionality for customers to go online and download health records. You can use your health data to improve your health, and to have more control over your personal health information and your family’s healthcare.

About the Blue Button Movement
“Blue Button” is not only an image displayed on patient portals and other secure web sites that lets you know you can get your health information electronically, but it is also becoming a symbol of a movement toward an improved healthcare system in which patients and healthcare providers use information technology to work together and improve health.
About Your Privacy

Medlink is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. For example, we employ secure login procedures, session timeouts, and we store the information you provide on computer servers with limited access that are located in controlled facilities.

Consumers are aware of the need for privacy and security when storing personal information online. The healthcare industry has moved toward electronic storage of medical records. Laws have been enacted to honor the privileged nature of information exchanged between patients and their doctors. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the guiding rule of law on patient privacy, asserts that safeguards must be in place for "protected health information", as defined by that law.

Medlink was designed to support the privacy and security requirements of HIPAA while enabling you to use the service from any computer with internet access.

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Medlink is a digital repository for existing health records.
Medlink does not give any medical or similar advice. Medlink is not a medical services provider.
Please direct any medical question to your healthcare providers.
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